Some people or academicians might have said, “why bother with publications, as long as we do deeply understand about our scientific areas, It is more than enough”. To some extent, this statement is agreeable. However, for contributive scientific achievements, publication is a must. Just realize that our objective in research is to formulate and test hypotheses, to draw a conclusions from these tests, and to teach these conclusions to readerships. Our objective is not to “collect data”.

Besides for self-recognisition, publication has reached the era of a scientific way of life for those who are eager for the advance of sciences and knowledge. Therefore, there is a significant number of publishers nowdays found. However, it is easier said than done. For a paper to be published, steps have to be surpassed. Preparing a manusccript is one of the bottlenecks for publication itself. Cited as an example, many of those manuscripts rejected due to insufficient writing style according to the journal’s guidelines. To cope that, I disclose a very practical essay as a rule of thumbs on preparing a manuscript.

Whitesides – 2004 – Whitesides’ Group Writing a Paper-annotated





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