Photo Credit: Christopher Wood (2005)

THINKING about the future, a simple question rises “will the world still be like it used to be, beautiful and marvelous?”. We are not at war, apparently NO, but deep inside YES with many devastations in the middle east. I don’t want to excrete my opinion herein by standing on one side. Despite of that, I just want to express my opinion on what will it be when there will be no standards, such as what we call human rights which ensure the people to live happily in peace with the kids grow up in a good circumstance without holding hand-bomb or whatsoever you call them by “machineries of war”.

My brothers and my sisters in the world, let’s make peace instead of war. Everything is being staked when we are at war. Let’s just end-up our ego, our pathetic dream in what we call it “in the name of something”. Look at yourself in the mirror, and I’ll look mine too. We just differ in our skin color, height, eyes, hair color and clothes. We’re totally similar inside. You have your own ambition in life, and so do I. Can we just live together with our own personalities without wounding our faith and our entities.

Imagine what would it be, if we are hunting each other in this endless world?. Nothing left just the debris of our sadness, stones and small pieces of buildings which act as witnesses of our pities. Stare at our future generations, what will they bring to continue this life, to pass along this humanity, to carry on what we call “genes” in our mortal bodies. Would you like to see them crawling when they used to fly; would you like to see them crying when they used to smile brightly; would you like to see scratches in their faces when they used to have soft skin.. Tell me my friends, brothers and sisters.. You yourself will regretly see it right?, as wounded as I will be. Do tell me what is it all that we are fighting for?. What is it that makes us to hate each other?.

Take my hands my friends, my brothers and my sisters; we’re just one big family meant from the start to live together. Let the broken angel still broken, but don’t take it as a consequence that we have to be broken as well. Let’s fix our future with your hands on me and so do mine. Let’s make the future which belongs to anyone of us. Let’s make it HAPPEN!.

=We are brothers and sisters in this world =


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