Azis Boing Sitanggang, HS. Wu , SS. Wang and JCW. Lan

Design of fermentation medium is a critical factor since medium composition can significantly affect product concentration, yield and productivity  as well as operation cost of downstream product separation when an industrial fermentation will be developed. Ranges of fermentation, characteristics of strain, typical separation processes are related factors with nutritional requirements for successful microbial fermentation. Optimization of medium composition using statistical approaches seems to be so useful through the precise evaluation between emphirical data and theoretical one and even through the interactions between involved factors. Furthermore, for developing medium design is not seen as a distinct matter apart from the other aspects of a fermentation system but rather as a chain factor that bonds with upstream and downstream parameters.


Sitanggang, A.B., H.S. Wu., C.W. Lan and S.S. Wang. 2010. Fermentation strategies: Nutrition requirements. In: Krause, J, and O. Fleischer, Industrial fermentation: Food processes, nutrient sources and production strategies. Nova Publisher, USA ISBN: 978-1-60876-550-8.


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